Whether it’s “situational” or “can’t put your finger on it”, Bach Flower Remedies and FES flower essences can help. They assist you in eliminating the underlying cause of your negative emotions. Join the millions of people worldwide who use, trust, and love flower essences to help balance their emotions.

“There is not true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness.”

Dr. Edward Bach


“I was feeling overwhelmed with work and life and didn’t have the energy or motivation to move
forward. I reached out to Laurie for a consultation and she made me a remedy and within 24
hours I felt I had more energy and I was able to run errands which made me feel more hopeful.
I continued to take the remedy and soon I felt more like myself at work with more confidence.”
“I went through deep grief losing my mother and stepfather in a span of two months. I felt such a heaviness and felt myself withdraw from things I usually loved. I started taking a mixture of two remedies and although I still felt grief, it was manageable and I was able to engage more with life on my terms and felt more “light” come back into my life. It really was a lifesaver!”
“I find myself having a hard time setting boundaries with others. I say “yes” to things I don’t want to do or just really don’t have time to do because I hate to disappoint others. It just feels easier to say yes and try to make others happy. After a consultation we decided on a remedy that felt good to me and I started on it right away. It brought balance back into my life! I began to say “no” more to things that weren’t right for me and “yes” to the things that were right for me! I felt more self honoring while also available to help others! Grateful to have found this natural
way of healing.”
“I’ve been using the Bach Flower Remedies for years for various unbalances in my emotions that come and go. They have really made a difference in my life. The consultation with Laurie helps me to uncover the emotions that may be holding me back or down and she has guided me on choosing remedies that may work for me. It feels so good to take charge of this part of my life! Flower essences for life!”
I was feeling very overwhelmed with work. I used to feel so capable at my job and now I was just questioning my abilities. The responsibility of my day to day felt overwhelming. After my consultation, I started on the Bach Flower remedy that Laurie an I agreed on and within a few days, I felt that overwhelming feeling subside. It was gradual but when it started to subside, I felt capable again of doing my job. It really helped restore my faith in myself again!
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